The Advantages of a Wireless Network

Long gone are the days where an endless bank of wires is necessary for you to maintain a robust integrated network. In today's digital world, wireless networks are becoming more and more prominent every day, and this comes as no surprise to the more tech savvy individuals. Advantages: Allow multiple computers to have internet access to the same internet connection, only one computer needs to be hooked up to the wireless router so if you have multiple computers you can still access the internet from other rooms and even outside if you have a laptop.

Another advantage of maintaining a wireless network is the scalability. Most wired routers allow four connections. Most wireless routers allow 50 or more as long as the equipment can handle it. Disadvantages are always going to be about security or range. There is also the possibility of interference with microwaves and landline wireless phones. However, this interference is not very likely and will usually only affect the wireless network, not the microwave/phone.

If you are worried about the security of your router, you can set up a WPA password encryption, which is the most secure way to set up your network, if you are still worried, change the encryption password and even type every week or two, it may be a hassle, but if you need to be secure, it will work.

Overall, the advantages of a wireless network in today's dynamic environment far outweigh the concerns, and will allow your network to expand its capabilities. Contact Business Connections Enterprises today to speak to an expert about migrating your system to a wireless network; the possibilities are endless!

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